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Content Writing FAQ:


Q: Can I evaluate your work using a pilot?

A. Yes of course. We are happy to offer a risk-free pilot to potential clients. We can deliver a couple of pieces to your specifications. Assuming the piot is successful, this work will be added to your account and we can then continue. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the pilot content, we will simply walk away and there will be nothing to pay.

Q. Can you show me an example of your content?

A. Yes, just get in touch and we will be happy to email you examples of our work. We don't publish any examples on our site as we don't want to fall foul of any duplicate content penalties from the search engines.

Q. What are your minimum contract terms?

A. We don't have minimum contract terms. We operate using a rolling agreement which may be terminated with a month's notice at any time. We're confident of providing a quality service and don't feel the need to tie any of our clients into long term contracts. However for the best results in terms of search engine optimisation we advise you to maintain your content writing campaigns for as long as possible.

Q. Can I just place a one-off order of say 10 articles or do I have to be tied down to a contract?

A. Our content writing packages and pricing are based on pre-determined volumes of work delivered to our clients per month. We have a team of writers who work to quite strict schedules and timetables in order for us to be as streamlined and cost effective as possible.

Our aim is to deliver long term SEO results via content writing and the best way to do this is to deliver a regular flow of fresh content to our client's sites ongoing. However we are more than happy to handle requests for "one-off" content writing requests on an individual basis.

Q. I'm launching a new site and would like you to write some content for me. As it's a new venture not in the public domain will you sign an NDA before I give you details?

A. Yes of course, we sign these for many clients. Our standard terms and conditions also include a mutual non-disclosure agreement.

Q. I live outside of the UK, do you accept new clients from overseas?

A. Yes. Our clients are located all over the world. At each billing cycle we will use independent currency convertor http://www.xe.com/ucc/ to convert our prices from £UK pounds sterling to your local currency. We will then review the exchange rate at each new billing cycle.